AI - Our Mission Statement

There must be a reason why you do what you do. We have good reason for ours.

African Impulse - Our mission

Mission Statement : Our mission is to use education and technology to empower African communities, institutions and persons, especially the vulnerable and needy.

How did we come to this?

No one willingly wants to live in poverty. It might take some impulse to get even the weak to realize the potential of taking their future into their hands It is this kick we want to give to communities, small businesses and people, especially the young and hopeless, so that they can attain their full potential.

The way we see it, Africa does not actually need help. Africa has resources which can feed the world. Africa needs cooperation with technologically able partners around the world in transforming its resources to the benefit of mankind. Given the right education of its people (especially the youths) and technological know-how, communities that live on external help today can eradicate poverty and be at the providing end of the chain tomorrow.

We live in a world which is connected. Mistakes made abroad can affect even the smallest African communities. The reverse is also true. Let us take action to ensure a world which is better and comfortable for us all.

Our Focus in African Impulse is on development cooperation between Germany and Africa.

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