AI - Sports projects

Football can give youths a perspective in life. It promotes team work, teaches respect and discipline.

African Impulse - Sports projects

We promote youth development through football.

  • - Football gives youths a perspective in life.
  • - Football is a collective sports that promotes team work.
  • - Football teaches discipline.
  • - Football teaches respect.
  • - Football keeps the youths in good health.
  • - Football can be used to transmit messages that effect change.
  • - Football knows no boundary of religion, culture, race etc. Football instead unites before people with different characteristics.

Though football, youths learn a great number of skills which help them in their later life. At the African Impulse, we promote youth development through football in order to take them off the streets and offer them perspectives.

Since 2014, we have partnered with the Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI) in Cameroon, which was founded by our president, with the goal of promoting development through sports. We do this by empowering kids through football, making them believe in the future and bringing about positive change in the community.

Find out about the NFI here. You can make a tax deductible contribution towards supporting the activities of this initiative through the following Paypal link:

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