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Every organisation is run by people. A motivated team produces best results. Join us and let us shape the future.

African Impulse - Membership

Do you identify yourself with the mission of the African Impulse e.V ?

We are open to new members and look forward to colleagues who can help us in our quest for making the world a better place for us all to live in, with a special focus on Cameroon and Germany.

We need talented people from all works of life. If you lack the skills to carry out an activity, we can look for a common way of getting the necessary training.

We believe you shall have a great sense of fulfillment if you join our causes.

Please contact us if you are enthusiastic about:
  • - using technology in the developing world to improve the lives of its people, building bridges with countries in the North and playing a role in eradicating poverty.
  • - building partnerships between Africa and Germany
  • - empowering children and youths in order to prepare a better future for them.
  • - taking pleasure in social commitment.
  • - providing education to the poor and vulnerable as a means of effecting change.
  • - using sports as a means of solving community problems.
  • - wanting to support children in need in Cameroon.
  • - participating in creating a fair society.
  • - helping communities in Cameroon take care of themselves.

Become a member of our association

You can actively participate in the activities of our association if you become a member.
Our current membership fee is just 25. Download, fill and sign the membership form from here and send it per post or email to the following address:

African Impulse e.V.
Postfach 100106
47001 Duisburg

By e-mail to info(at)

We look forward to you as a new member!

If you cannot be a member but wish to support our association, you can also do this by informing us via email so we can invite you whenever we have an event or you can help us financially or morally.

You can also get involved by offering to translate information on our homepage into the German and French languages.

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