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African Impulse - Our history

Clement Nkamanyi understands what it means to be able to fend for oneself. He has never been contented with assigning his destiny to fate. He has always carried with him the motto, "If you fight you may win, if you do not then you have already lost". With this in mind he has always set up to go against all odds whenever he sees need for action in changing a situation. He also understands that not everyone can work with this motto. For some people, you need to give a push (impulse) in order to make them use their potential.

He has always been engaged in organizational work since his secondary school days in Cameroon. In Germany he founded and led a couple of registered non-governmental organizations and was at one time head of the largest Cameroonian association in Germany. He has a great love for children and understands the need to inspire and motivate them. He would never miss the opportunity to offer parental advice or motivate kids. He understands that reaching many needs a group of motivated people with same goals.

In several situations while returning to his home country, Cameroon, he has engaged in philanthropic activities and provided basic necessities for his community like drinking water and lights. He knows how to motivate people to commit to a good cause. The best way to attract more people to understand the need to act together in solving local problems is not to act alone but in the context of an organization. The turning point of his decision to create an association was when he visited the village of Ediki-Mbonge of Cameroon to assist his brother in farming and realized how a village so near to his hometown could lack such basic needs of life like drinking water, basic health care, electricity and necessities for kids to study. It was so touching he committed to the villagers in a meeting attended by the chief and his councilors to come back to Germany and do all what is possible to help bring basic services to the village.

In this light, he discussed with his wife and a couple of friends and they saw the need to create an organization to help them continue their work both in Germany and in Africa. The African impulse was therefore born. They intend, with the help of the organization to rally for development cooperation between Germany and Cameroon, to help the communities solve their local problems and to transfer knowledge and also to promote the education of African kids in Germany. In the forefront of the activities of the African Impulse e.V. is sustainability.

The African Impulse there operates in Germany by promoting the education of youths, the integration of Africans and also seeking support for projects in Africa, especially Cameroon.

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