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Certificat Recognition Service

At the moment, we can help you through the process of recognizing your foreign certificate or in recognizing your work experience as part of your qualification.

  • You want to work in Germany and have a professional qualification that is not similar to that required in Germany?
  • You have sent an application for a job and your employer cannot still understand what the certificate is or if you are sufficiently qualified for the job?
  • You have been working and intend to take up employment which needs an "Ausbildung" and you are not sure if your work experience can be considered?

African impulse has participated in the MOZAIK project (IQ Netzwerk) on the assessment of recognition of foreign certificates and can help accompany you through this process.

We can help you through this process. We do this without remuneration.

You can contact us to this effect every Thursday between 17:45 and 19:45 through +49 152 1783 4152

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