AI - Equivalence of certificates

Do you know the equivalence of your foreign certificate or work experience to that of Germany.

African Impulse - Equivalence of certificates

You are in possession of a foreign certificate (School or work) and / or have work experience.

You live in Germany or intend to work in Germany and

  • - you are in search of a job in Germany and need your employer to understand the equivalence of your qualification
  • - you need to do further studies. You need confirmation of your qualification
  • - you want to find out if the foreign training certificate is equivalent to that required to carry out a specific profession in Germany

Through the "Gesetz zur Verbesserung der Festellung und Anerkernung im Ausland erworbener Berufsqualifikationen", you have a right to apply for the assessment of the equivalence of your certificate to that of a German one. Even the work experience can be considered in addition to your qualification

African impulse has participated in the MOZAIK project (IQ Netzwerk) on the assessment of equivalence of foreign certificates and can help accompany you through this process. We do this without remuneration.

You can contact us to this effect every Thursday between 16:45 and 18:45 through +49 152 1783 4152

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