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We try to put together a few useful links in relation to our areas of activity.

Some Useful Links in relation to our areas of activity

We have prepared some important links in relation to the activities we do, here below. The list is not exhaustive. We keep updating the list when we have information we think could be of interest to you.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)The Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) have now replaced the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). The African impulse participates strongly in assuring that parts of these goals in its areas of concern are met.
Federal Office for Migration and RefugeesTalk about migrants and refugees? This is the office responsible for handling matters in relation to these groups in Germany.
German Ministry of Development CooperationWe promote development cooperation with Africa (Cameroon in particular, for now) and carry out development projects which are supported by Germany. The German ministry for Development cooperation is an important partner in our endeavours.
ZukunftschartaThe African impulse participated in the formulation of the Zukunftscharta and was present when it was handed over to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin in Novemer 2014. This charta contains a set of goals which the German government intends to achieve in promoting a world of equality.
Ashoka GermanyAshoka searches worldwide and promotes startup personalities who create new social organizations, enterprises and movements - and gives them an identity as social entrepreneurs (social entrepreneur): as an entrepreneur for the benefit of all, on an equal footing with other entrepreneurs and embedded in a network of supporters and partners.
SDB Atlas 2017The World Bank's compilation of statistics from over 200 economies about global development and the quality of people's lives. For each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, selected indicators have been identified and visualized to analyze trends and challenges, and to stimulate discussion on measurement issues.