AI Partners

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African Impulse Partners

We believe more can be achieved if people with the similar intentions combine their energy towards their respective goals in a win-win situation. We are open to any partnership with organizations that share any of our goals.

At the moment, we work with the Junge Teufel e.V , Nkamanyi Football Initiative and the Meme Youths Coaches Association in Kumba in promoting football activities targeted in supporting the kids in the town of Kumba in Cameroon.

We cooperate with the Internationales Zentrum in matters of integration of children in Germany.

We work with the Chaman Rural Development Simplified Cooperative Society in Cameroon in the areas of rural development (Farming).

We work in collaboration with the NGENOA Common Initiative group in Ediki-Mbonge, Cameroon in order to carry out a water project in the Ediki-Mbonge village.

Our partner vision:teilen e.V. has setup a support project at through this link in order to raise some fund.

We work in collaboration with the Local Youth Corner Cameroon in the area of youth empowerment and sustainable development in Cameroon.

We are a member of the Parents' Network (Elternnetzwerk) Nordrhein Westfalen. We also work with the Club 16 e.V in matters relating to African parent/children empowerment in Germany.

Get in touch with us if you would like us to work together.