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Get important links and general information you need if you intend to study in Germany

African Impulse - General Information on studying in Germany

We have prepared some important links in relation to studing in Germany for you, here below. These links may not be only limited to studies but may contain information in relation to jobs. The list is not exhaustive. We keep updating the list when we have information we think could be of interest to you.

Studies Finder The Studi Finder is a joint venture of the public colleges and universities of North Rhine Westphalia and the Ministry for Innovation, Science and Research (MIWF) of the country. What best suits your interests and abilities? The free self-test for study orientation provides answers to these questions.
Borakel Borakel offers an innovative consulting tool which answers questions about what to do after secondary or high school education with a focus on professional training.
University compass The Higher Education Compass is an information portal of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK). It contains up-to-date information about the university and doctoral programs as well as international cooperation with German universities.
Federal Employment Agency The main tasks of the Federal Employment Agency are: Mediation in Education and Employment, vocational guidance, employers consulting, development of vocational training promoting vocational training, promoting the occupational integration of people with disabilities, services for the maintenance and creation of jobs and allowance payments (such as unemployment benefits or insolvency money). In addition it monitors the labor market and reports labor market statistics.
Chamber of Commerce You can search for your dream job and the perfect training company in your region or nationwide through the chamber of commerce’s website. It describes offers based on skills. You can create a personal profile to help automatically provide you about matching Apprenticeship offers. Companies throughout Germany present themselves to their local audiences.
Hochschulstart You can register or put an application to study courses which special requirements
Bafög Information about financial support during studies in Germany
Studentenwerke 58 Student service organisations in Germany, offering support to over 2.2. million studenst in more than 300 higher education institutions in over 200 locations with emphasis on social, economic, cultural and health matters
Index of Foundations Contains information about over 10000 foundations in Germany. A free service in which you can search for these foundations by category.
Weltwärts Weltwärts was founded in 2008 by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Since its launching, some 20.000 volunteers have participated in development projects out of Germany and have got experience that accompany them throughout their lives.
ZAV The ZAV supports employers and employees nationwide in filling vacancies and the integration into the labor market.
Technikum Contains information about the work of the Federal ministry of Education and Research.
foej-wl The FÖJ offers an orientation and education year in which teenagers and young adults can get involved intensively for the environment and gain basic knowledge in nature conservation and environmental protection.

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