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Project NRW Zusammen

Media competence, information exchange and transerNRW Zusammen
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Duisburg Refugee Guide for Africans

Komm-An project - Explaining the important steps of the asylum process in GermanyRefugee Guide
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Introducing kids to programming

We believe in using technology to solve current and future problemsMeet and Code
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Solar Water Pump for Ediki-Mbonge

The whole village of Ediki-Mbonge in Cameroon, off the Kumba Mamfe road get their drinking water from a small shallow spring. The African Impulse e.V visited the location and built a sustainable solar energy powered water source.

Clean Water for Ediki-Mbonge
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SDGs replace MDGs

As of 2015, the 17 Sustainability Development Goals have now replace the Millenium Development GoalsSustainability Development Goals
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We are empowering the Youths in Kumba, Cameroon

Development cooperation with Cameroon
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African Impulse news

New Executive Board elected

images/news/ai_vorstand.jpgThe African Impulse e.V. now has a new Executive board.

This board starts its mandate immediately and comprises of
  • Dipl. Ing. Clement Nkamanyi - President
  • Ignatius Kofete - Secretary General
  • Mukete Stanley Misordi - Treasurer
  • Ambe Comfort - PRO
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Invitation to next General Assembly

images/news/inviteGA2022.jpgAfrican Impulse e.V. invites all members to the next session of the General Assembly.

Dear members With this note, we would like to invite you to the next session of the General Assembly meeting of the African Impulse e.V. Please, verify your emails to make sure you have received the invitation. Highlights of the next general assembly shall be elections.

African Impulse publishes first edition of the NRW Magazine

./images/nrwmagcopies.jpgThe African Impulse e.V. has just published the first of 6 editions of the NRW Magazine. The magazine is available in digital and print form.

The state of North Rhein Westphalia (Nordrhein Westfalen), with its over 17.9 million inhabitants, is the most populous state of Germany. It is very multicultural and has the largest number of Africans in Germany. These Africans are very dynamic and mostly operate within associations centred around their countries of origins.

Through the NRW Zusammen project we want to continue strengthening the social cohesion of Africans in the state during these COVID 19 and post COVID 19 times. An important component of the project is its conceptual reciprocity in which we want to promote mutual cross-generational learning between youths and adults. For example, parents can acquire more competence in electronic media through younger people, while young people learn societal values and life experience.

With six issues of the NRW Magazine planned, we hope to engage the African community in NRW and provide them with targeted information which will help improve their quality of life here.

Check out the digital version of the NRW Magazine

Do you have an interesting article for the magazine? Contact us at media(at)nrw-zusammen.de. Read more

African Impulse e.V. to host four Meet and Code events in 2021

images/news/meet-and-code-2021.jpgFor the 5th time in a row, since the inception of the Meet and Code in 2017, the African Impulse e.V. shall be participating this year again.

This year we shall host 4 evemts - "Basic Internet Security for young people", "Introduction to C#", "Introduction to web design" and "Recognizing Fake News".

The meet and code event is aimed at providing access to coding and digital skills to the next generation of young Europeans. Behind Meet and Code are the founding partners SAP, Haus des Stiftens gGmbH, TechSoup Europe with the respective country partners of the TechSoup Europe network. In 2020, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI) became part of the project as a partner in the framework of the German EU presidency and beyond, focusing on EU countries.

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African Impulse supports e.V. the Sallam Initiative in Cameroon

images/news/salaam-initiative.jpgThe African Impulse e.V. supported the Salaam Initiative project of its Cameroon partner Local Youth Corner Cameroon with the sum of 300.

With the donation from the African Impulse e.V. we are contributing to the "Back to School" action of LOYOCAM aimed at supporting vulnerable children in the far north region of Cameroon as they start the academic year 2021/2022.

The Salaam Initiative is a youth-led initiative that supports the protection, education, re-insertion, and wellbeing of children affected by violent conflicts in the Far North Region of Cameroon. Due to the Boko Haram insurgency, these kids have become the main victims of the conflict, with many out of school, forcefully displaced, and are suffering from trauma. Unfortunately, these children have been separated from their families, left homeless and orphans with many becoming more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, as well as radicalization and recruitment into arm groups. Our support of this project also shows our commitment in forstering North-South cooperation and targeting the vulnerable..

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Komman-NRW - Welcome to Duisburg

images/news/welcome-duisburg-komman.jpgThe state of NRW and the town of Duisburg stands to support and welcome migrants

When you are new to a city, it is not easy to find your way around. Especially for Africans, they mostly turn to their friends and relatives for this information. While they may receive useful information regarding some practical aspects of their daily life, it may be difficult to obtain information that will help them find social bearings and get along in their new environment.

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Project NRW Zusammen starts Media competence training

images/mediatraining1.jpgOn Saturday, April 11, the African Impulse e.V.'s project "NRW Zusammen" shall begin with steps aimed at improving the media competence of Africans.

The first session shall start with training on photography and photography tips carried out by a seasoned professional, Billy Prod.

After building on the competence of handling the Camera and taking pictures and videos, the lessons shall be apolied through the production of short video films to bring awareness on societal issues.

The competence trainings go far over video production into other aspects of life Read more

African Impulse e.V. to start project NRW-Zusammen

images/nrwzusposter.jpgWe are happy to have won sponsorship of our project "NRW-Zusammen", translated "NRW together" where NRW stands for the German state of North Rhine Westfalia.

This project, which is sponsored by the German Ministry of Children, Family, Refugees and Integration will start from February 2021 and end in December 2022.

The project which targets mostly Africans, aims to:

  • - Improve their media competence and skills.
  • - Strengthen their social cohesion during these CoViD-19 times and help them find ways of improving their health.
  • - Bring parents and young people together and enable mutual appreciation through a common exchange of knowledge and experience.

Find out more on the project's website

African Impulse e.V. will support the NFI Girl Empowerment Salon project

images/news/GirlEmpSalonAI.jpgAfrican Impulse e.V. will join a select LESA 90 girls and NFI Ambassadors to help improve the lives of young girls in the Cameroonian city of Kumba.

This project intends to create a training centre where girls can gain hairdressing skills and be self-sustainable. The poject also intends to offer the opportunity to internally displaced girls from neighbouring villages not only to participate in the training, but to also benefit from accommodation as they integrate in their new environment/community.

Kumba is a city located in the South West region of the Republic of Cameroon. It has over 400,000 inhabitants. More than 65% of the population is made up of young people. The inhabitants of the city thrive mainly from agriculture and trade. As the largest city in the South West and at the crossroads with other cities and neighbouring Nigeria, the city sees a steady increase in population and especially young people (with girls being the majority). There is little or no jobs for these young people. The situation is same even for college/university graduates. There are hardly any industries or companies that employ young people. We would like to play our own small role in improving the situation.

You can support this project directly from the NFI site, on A better place or using the following information:

Account Holder: African Impulse e.V.

IBAN: DE32440100460155061468


Purpose: NFI Girl Empowerement Salon

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Registration for Meet and Code 2020 is now open

images/news/aimeetcode2020alls.jpgPlaces are limited in all 4 of our online events. Register now to reserve your spot.

You can register now fpr any or all of the scheduled events on Oct 16, 17, 24 and 31

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