AI and Studying in Germany

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African Impulse - Studying in Germany

Germany provides arguably the most advanced and cost effective universities of higher education in the world. With more than 140,000 international students currently enrolled in Germany, trends show that Germany is the most popular European study destination for international students.

Since most German universities are public institutions, tuition fee is mostly free, although some institutions charge a tuition fee of about 60 per student per semester. As the world's 3rd largest economy, Germany offers a bright future for students and graduates.

In the past few years, the dual education system (which combines theory in the university and practice in industry) has become very popular and is serving as a role model for other countries.

There are several different types of higher education institutions in Germany - which are listed here below.

  • - Universities (General and open for every subject)
  • - Music, Film and Art colleges (offer practical education is artistic subjects)
  • - University of Applied Sciences or Fachhochshule (Scientific and social subjects)

It should be noted that apart from public universities which are financed by the government(These charge no tuition fees), there are also private universities which are financed by fees charged to students. While German certificates are highly recognized internationally, there is a good chance of finding work in Germany after studies.

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