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Education is the key to success. Instead of providing food to a person, you teach him how to produce food.

African Impulse - Education projects

If you empower the youths today, you create the right environment for tomorrow. These youths today shall be the leaders of tomorrow. The best way to do this is through education and through promoting activities that bring out the best of their potentials.

Education is lifelong learning - Old or Young, you can still learn something which is essential in improving your economic, social, cultural or political situation as well as helping in creating a world of peaceful coexistence.

Forum picture At the African Impulse, we are working on developing educational projects which will help empower African young people in Germany and also promote development cooperation between Germany and Africa.
We found a reliable partner with the NFI in Kumba with whom we can use the power sports has in bringing people of all background together. Since 2014, through the organization of educational forums and information dissemination during sports events, we are playing our own role in educating the youths of our partner country (Cameroon).

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