Meet and Code - The Cloud - AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. What is it? How do I get started with it?

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Meet and code 2023 - The Cloud - AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. What is it? How do I get started with it?

Saturday, 23. Sept. 2023 (13:00 - 17:00)

Presenters - Leonard (Latvia), Dipl. Ing. Clement Nkamanyi (Germany)

Welcome to our event where we would like to give you information about the cloud, cloud services and career opportunities.

Today we hear about the cloud in the news and everywhere we go. This refers to computers. Do these computers actually in the clouds? Are calculations actually performed in the cloud? Even if you understand the word, you get confused again because you hear about Amazon Cloud, AWS Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, Azure Cloud and Google Cloud. This can all be confusing and frightening to anyone who is not used to it. The funny thing is that this is reality. Most of the computers and programs that solve our daily problems today are not in our home or office, but somewhere else - "In the cloud?" Therefore, it is necessary that today's youth get to grips with these words, get used to them and also have an idea of how they work.

In this workshop we make it easier for young people

  • - To understand what the cloud is and why it is popular
  • - What types of clouds are there and which companies operate the most important clouds?
  • - What types of services are there in the cloud?
  • - How to start interacting with the cloud
  • - What opportunities are there for a future career with an understanding of the cloud?

The session should be interactive. At the end of the session, the young people should be able to understand the dynamics of the cloud and also explore the possibilities that the cloud offers.

Cloud computing is on the rise and offers many career opportunities. These opportunities could be missed by young people with a migrant background because they lack orientation in their families or communities. With this course we want to reach as many children as possible and show them what opportunities they have when they understand cloud computing.

Our event is suitable for beginners and requires no previous knowledge.

Check out the German version of this event directly from the sponsor's website here.

SURVEYS Befor and after the event

To measure the impact of the event, our sponsor would like you to answer some questions before and after the event.
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