AI - EU Code week - Introducing youths to programming

Online Event - Scratch for beginners

Meet and code 2020 - Scratch for beginners

This workshop provides youths with a playful approach to programming. The choice of what we shall program shall have a connection with making their communities better. Within a few hours the participants will learn how to program games without any prior programming knowledge.

We shall start with an introduction into programming with Scratch. We shall then help the participants develop their own ideas geared towards making their communities better. We have prepared example programs which shall guarantee fun in the workshop. At the end of the workshop, the participants shall be awarded a certificate of participation. The workshop shall be organized via Zoom.

This workshop shall be organized in collaboration with the Nkamanyi Football Initiative in Cameroon. We want to engage kids of the initiative with those in Germany in a Zoom online meeting and make them also see how easy it is to collaborate internationally. Read more about this event.

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