AI - IEU Code week - ntroducing youths to programming

We need to prepare the young people of tomorrow by giving them the right tools now

Meet and code 2018 - African Impulse e.V. hosts in Duisburg and Mülheim

We are happy to inform the public that African Impulse e.V. was selected this year again to participate in the European code week (06. -21. Oct. 2018) with the goal of introducing young people early into the world of programming. Last year we had three sessions in Duisburg and Essen in which we chose to introduce the kids into programming their first website. With the high resonance, we had, we are pleased to take up the challenge again. This time we want young people to learn practical programming in an interactive and interesting way. The events shall hold in Duisburg and Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.

With digitization, the world has changed tremendously. While some might argue that digitization has come to rob people from jobs, we think it will create even more jobs. Those who get these jobs are those who are prepared for them. This preparation, we think should start at an early phase, when we are young. This is a great chance for parents to introduce their kids into the world of programming

Our program this year shall take place in Duisburg and Muelheim and der Ruhr with the following practical sessions

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