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Introducing kids to programming

We believe in using technology to solve current and future problemsMeet and Code
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Solar Water Pump for Ediki-Mbonge

The whole village of Ediki-Mbonge in Cameroon, off the Kumba Mamfe road get their drinking water from a small shallow spring. The African Impulse e.V visited the location and built a sustainable solar energy powered water source.

Clean Water for Ediki-Mbonge
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SDGs replace MDGs

As of 2015, the 17 Sustainability Development Goals have now replace the Millenium Development GoalsSustainability Development Goals
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We are empowering the Youths in Kumba, Cameroon

Development cooperation with Cameroon
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Youths Today, Leaders Tomorrow

If you empower a youth today, you create the right environment for tomorrow. These youths today shall be the leaders of tomorrow. The best way to do this is by educating them and promoting activities that bring out the best of their potentials and encourages team spirit. We can also do this by guiding the parents on how best to empower their own kids

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Information on studying in Germany

Always thought about studying in Germany and do not know how the German system is structure? What to study? How to finance your studies and what happens when you arrive in Germany? We can tell you that.

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Registration for Meet and Code 2020 is now open

images/news/aimeetcode2020alls.jpgPlaces are limited in all 4 of our online events. Register now to reserve your spot.

You can register now fpr any or all of the scheduled events on Oct 16, 17, 24 and 31

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African Impulse to host 4 Online Meet and Code events in October 2020

images/news/aimeetcode2020.jpgWe are happy to inform the public that African Impulse e.V. shall again be organizing coding events within the context of Meet and Code during the EU Code Week 2020.

The events shall run this year from 01.09.2020 to 31.10.2020 with the goal of introducing young people early into the world of programming.

On Oct 16, 17, 24 and 31 we respectively host the following online events "Scratch for Mum and Daughter","Scratch for Beginners","Learn scratch and make the world better","My First Android Game".

You can register now.

Since its inception in 2018, the African Impulse e.V. has always been an active participant in these events. With the high resonance we had from the past events, we are pleased to take up the challenge again. This time we want young people to learn practical programming in an interactive and interesting way and in a challenging online environment. This is is also an opportunity for us to have a more diverse participation.

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African Impulse e.V. and Local Youth Corner Cameroon sign MOU

images/cooployoco5.jpgOn Sunday October 20, 2019, the African Impulse e.V signed a MoU with the Cameroon based Local Youth Corner to strengthen their cooperation in sustainable development projects in Cameroon

This MoU was signed by the president of the African Impulse Dipl. Ing. Clement Nkamanyi and the national coordinator of the Local Youth Corner Cameroon, Mr Christian Achaleke in the German city of Duisburg.

This agreement comes after both organizations had informal cooperation in some projects in Cameroon. With the formalization, we have found a trusted and engaging partner in Cameroon that has the capacity to take on the challenging projects which we can both develop.

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